Badminton Smash Tips and Tricks

What is Smashing?

Many techniques have been developed over the years to defeat the opponent, as the shuttlecock’s position on the court is so important.

Smashing is one of badminton’s most powerful tactics.

Smashing is where a player must hit the shuttlecock with great force at his opponent.

Smashing is the most loved shot in badminton.

Types of Badminton Smashes

While smashing is primarily about shooting the shuttlecock down, there are many ways to do it. There are three main ways to perform a badminton Smash. These are the three options:

  • Forehand smash
  • Backhand smash
  • Jump smash

These techniques are easy to understand from the titles. However, there are correct ways to use them so you get the desired results.

1. 1.

These tips will help you perform a forehand Smash like a pro.

  • To perform a powerful smash, stay alert and be on your toes.
  • Keep your feet pointed towards the court so your shuttlecock doesn’t come in too quickly. You won’t have time to react if this happens.
  • Hit the shuttlecock by raising your racket hand as high you can. Overstretching can lead to balance problems.
  • Keep your racket-less hand raised when hitting the shuttle. This will allow you to hit a harder smash.

2. 2.

Backhand smashes are one of the most difficult attacks and they can be hard to execute. These are some tips to help you get it right.

  • This technique requires you to change to a backhand grip very naturally. You need to learn the backhand stroke first.
  • Keep your feet as far as you can from the court’s back as possible.
  • When hitting the shuttlecock, as it disrupts the intensity of the smash.
  • When performing a backhand smash, it is easy to lose your balance. Remember to keep your free hand available for balance.

3. Jump Smash

Jump smashes require the same preparation as regular smashes. You can improve your jump smash skills by using the following techniques.

  • Try to be more relaxed and less tight when jumping. Stiffness will limit the power of your jump.
  • When you jump, keep your feet under the shuttlecock and stay behind. However, do not jump too far behind.
  • Sometimes, the shuttlecock may go outside the court and give you points. It is best to walk behind the court at a fast pace and then do the jump smash.
  • Here, distance is key. Do not get too close or too far away when hitting the shuttlecock. The smash will become unstable and weak if you do not.

A bonus trick

Sometimes players will react to the shuttlecock so that it appears they are about for a badminton smash. In reality, the player is trying to deceive with their shot drop.

This is a great way to fool your opponent. If you are being tricked, don’t hesitate to act quickly!

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