How to Hone Your Badminton Skills By Practicing Alone

You must strive to improve your skills as an athlete. You can practice some of these exercises at home to improve your skills.

  • Racket swing practice

This exercise will improve your strength and speed in the wrist and hand. Although this may put strain on your arms at first, the final results will be well worth it. or a training racket, which is a bit heavier.

  • Stationary Smash With your racket leg in front and full strength, take the shot at the highest point.
  • Stationary Defense When you’re lifting or tapping, take all of the shots in the front.
  • Front Wrist Work Keep the shot down by moving your racket slowly in small, controlled swings.

Each exercise should be performed at least three sets of 20-30 strokes.

  • Hitting Against The Wall

While many players may want to shy away from this against the wall due to its challenging nature, you must understand it’s a great one and is done by many top players.

  1. Start slowly and gently, keeping your racket in front of you. You can easily switch between the forehand grip and the backhand grip by loosening your grip on your racket.
  2. To improve reflex, keep your body down and bend at the knees. Take the shots from this position.
  3. Tape two lines at a net-level on a tape in a different color than your wall using a tape. This is your net.
  4. This is something that professional players can do a thousand times in a matter of minutes. However, if this is your first time, take some shuttles and pace yourself. For the best results, you can do this anywhere from 500 to 1000 times.

This drill has many benefits, and professional players still use it. This drill will increase your reaction time and speed up your ability to change your grip.

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