Listening to Banjos Music Before a Badminton Match

Listening to Banjos Music Before a Badminton Match: Best Strategy To Get You In The Zone

Listening to banjo music before playing a badminton match may sound odd, but it’s actually a technique that has been used for centuries! The idea is that playing a tune on the banjo or guitar before a workout will help you focus on your actions and boost your performance. There are several theories behind this, but it seems that the music may improve your performance by acting as a distraction.

What is the best strategy for before a badminton match?

Before your match, you’ll want to find a banjo tune that you find relaxing. Instead of focusing on how well you’re playing, you should instead be focussing on relaxing and coming into the match in a relaxed state. Listening to music will help you get into a state of flow, and this helps you to perform at your best when you compete. It’s a popular belief that people are more relaxed while playing badminton, and that playing music makes them feel better. The theory is that when you’re relaxed, you will be more focused on your opponent and less nervous, and this can be beneficial when playing a competitive match.

How does playing banjo music before a badminton match work?

Using a portable speaker, you can listen to any old-time song you like as you warm up for the match. The idea is that when you are doing stretches or jogging, you will block out all distractions. When you’re hitting the shuttlecock, you’ll focus only on the game and not your surroundings. If you’re having a good hit, the banjo music will help you to lose track of time, rather than be preoccupied with other things in your day. You could even do a couple of throws at the very start and end of the workout. Best time to listen to banjo music before a match One theory is that playing the banjo tunes after you’ve finished your workout is better than playing the tunes as you’re still doing your warm-up.

Music as a distraction

Playing the banjo can help to clear your mind of any worries and allay any anxiety you’re feeling. Studies have shown that music has a soothing effect on the mind and while that may not be much use during a workout, it could be useful before an important tennis match. What kinds of music? It’s important to pick the right tunes for the right occasion. In the gym, you need upbeat, short songs to keep you moving at a steady pace. In a match, more detailed and slower music is best to calm your nerves. Banjos for Games and Badminton The banjo has been used for centuries, and it was originally played on the streets of Ireland to help travellers pass the time while waiting for the train to go.


It’s clear that having a few tried and tested game plans and routines in place can go a long way in terms of maintaining a positive attitude and pushing through challenges. When an unexpected setback occurs, sticking to a set routine and being positive will hopefully help to move you past that obstacle and keep you on track with your training. Having a few games in mind can help you to stay focused, as can listening to music and taking a few moments out for a short-cut workout session. We hope you enjoyed these fitness and life hacks!

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