Taking Advantage of Your Competitor’s Weakness

It is crucial that you make your opponent’s game easier. Let’s show you how.

  1. Find out where their weaknesses are: Pay attention to your opponent’s game and evaluate his weaknesses. His dominant shot, regardless of whether he’s the one winning.
  2. Be unpredictable with your shots You can place your shots anywhere on the court. You will be running all over the court and he won’t know where your next move is.
  3. Take aim at their backhand Many players are less strong on their backhand side. You can check to see if the opponent is also weak at their backhand.
  4. Take a quick shot: Do a quick shot if your opponent is at the backline.
  5. Change the direction of the shuttle: You can hit the shuttle from an angle to cause it to change directions. This will send it somewhere that he doesn’t expect.
  6. Start with a drop shot You can follow the drop shot with a shot at his back. He will be caught off guard and you will tire him quickly.
  7. Take charge of the game Your strengths are important and you should play the game accordingly. Playing at the backline is more your style, so you can make long serves and hit long shots to force your opponent to move back.

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